Boost Box - Mini Hampers

Boost Box - Mini Hampers


Practical, thoughtful gifts without pretention and at a reasonable price.

Perfect little gift to surprise someone with: 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"   "Thinking of you"   "Get well soon"

"Sorry you've had a rough week" "Love you"

Want to send something, but not flowers, and without spending a fortune?  

Sometimes you just want to make a little gesture, and it really is the thought that counts.  A present doesn't have to be expensive to be appreciated - and who doesn't love a little surprise in the mail?!  Everyone knows good things come in small packages. These mini gift hampers will put a smile on anyone's face - have it delivered to work, home or hospital to brighten up their day.


Especially great for 'get well soon' gifts - did you know many hospital wards can't allow flowers or balloons due to infection risk?

These small hampers are also a nice surprise for new parents a little down the track - after the initial wave of well-wishers and gift-givers have trailed off and when the sleep deprivation REALLY kicks in. 

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