Boost Box - Mini Gift Hamper

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Gorgeous and delicious birthday gift or little gesture - especially when you'd like to send something other than flowers!

Sometimes you just want to make a little gesture, and it really is the thought that counts.  A present doesn't have to be expensive to be appreciated - and who doesn't love a little surprise in the mail?!  Everyone knows good things come in small packages.

These mini gift hampers will put a smile on anyone's face - have it delivered to work, home or hospital to brighten up their day.

Fantastic little birthday gift, 'thank you' gift, a boost for a friend who might have had a rough week, or as a 'get well' gift for someone recovering (whether at home or in hospital).

A lovely little gift to thank that special midwife; even as an add on to a baby box for a new parent.  A new parent will always appreciate gifts for their baby, but we were always so touched when someone gave a thoughtful gift specifically for us!

These small hampers are also a nice surprise for new parents a little down the track - after the initial wave of well-wishers and gift-givers have trailed off and when the sleep deprivation REALLY kicks in. 

The Boost Box includes a combination of practical items and treats:

  • Nivea 35mL deodorant mini can
  • Palmolive hand sanitiser
  • Two Twinings tea sachets (varying infusions)
  • Europe Bar Summer Roll
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate roll
  • Lifesavers roll
  • Mentos roll
  • Malteasers snack bag
  • M&Ms snack bag
  • Skittles snack bag
  • Ovaltine snack bag


We note that due to availability or changes in product packaging, some items may differ slightly to those pictured.  We promise NEVER to compromise on the value, quality and function of any substituted items.

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Price excludes delivery for orders under $100

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Price excludes delivery for orders under $100

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